Life for the righteous, doom for the wicked: Reading Habakkuk from a wisdom perspective

Augustus, Egypt, and Propaganda

Historical atlas of Canada. Volume III: addressing the twentieth century, 1891-1961

The Light to the Left: Conceptions of Social Justice Among Christian Social Studies Teachers

A view of health care around the world

A Very Conservative Radical: Reverend Robert Connell s encounter with Marxism in the BC CCF

Settler: Identity and colonialism in 21st century Canada

Archival sources for the study of Finnish Canadians

The Idea of Constitutional Rights and the Transformation of Canadian Constitutional Law, 1930-1960

Organization and usage of learning objects within personal computers

Volume 17, Number 07 (July 1899

Analysis of Bridge Player Profiles According to Their Intelligence Areas

A Sociology of Tarot


Modern codification of property law and contract law. The Dutch experience

A review of four books based on the work of Bernard Lonergan

Does Better Angels of Our Nature Hold Up as History

Explaining security and defence integration: the case of Europe

Elements of parametric design

Combat, Memory and Remembrance in Confederation Era Canada: The Hidden History of the Battle of Ridgeway, June 2, 1866

Heart rate variability and cortisol responses during attentional and working memory tasks in naval cadets

Archean carbon and oxygen reservoirs: their significance for fluid sources and circulation paths for Archean mesothermal gold deposits of the Norseman-Wiluna Belt

Reading Latin America: Issues in the evaluation of Latino children s books in Spanish and English

Peer review in the context of a blog for the course Tipologías discursivas escritas en inglés VII in the program licenciatura en lenguas extranjeras at Universidad del

Managing the incompetent teacher

Medical students and residents preferred site characteristics and preceptor behaviours for learning in the ambulatory setting: a cross-sectional survey

The theory underlying concept maps and how to construct and use them

Augmented reality trends in education: a systematic review of research and applications

Managing the incompetent teacher

Evaluating an English language teacher education program through Peacock s model

The importance of teacher quality as a key determinant of students experiences and outcomes of schooling

Teacher evaluation as a policy target for improved student learning: A fifty-state review of statute and regulatory action since NCLB

Assessing social presence in asynchronous text-based computer conferencing

A study of the effect of a change of facilities of a middle school population has on teacher instructional practices

Denmark Vesey s revolt: The slave plot that lit a fuse to Fort Sumter

Denmark Vesey s revolt: The slave plot that lit a fuse to Fort Sumter

Denmark Vesey s revolt: The slave plot that lit a fuse to Fort Sumter


Charming Charleston: Elite Construction of an Idealized History in Twentieth-Century Tourism

Vol. 27, No. 01 (Winter: 2003

Dynamic periods and building damage at Charleston, South Carolina during the 1886 earthquake

Denmark Vesey s revolt: The slave plot that lit a fuse to Fort Sumter

Saint Dominguan Refugees in Charleston, South Carolina, 1791-1822: Assimilation and Accommodation in a Slave Society

Curating Architecture: An Investigation of the Motives and Practice of Architectural Collection and Exhibition with Recommendations for Interpretation of the

Early African-American Pottery in South Carolina: A Complicated Plainware

Charming Charleston: Elite Construction of an Idealized History in Twentieth-Century Tourism

The undead bones of Denmark Vesey: The complications of history

The Jews of Nineteenth Century Charleston: Ethnicity in a Port City

The biggest estate on earth: how Aborigines made Australia

Indigenous Australian autobiography and the question of genre: an analysis of scholarly discourse

The seduction of Sarah: travel memoirs and intercultural learning

But it s our story. Read it.: Stories my grandfather told me and writing for continuance

Australian Aboriginal Studies: The Anthropologists Accounts

Report of the Lapita homeland project

The Academy of Television Arts Sciences Foundation Presents

The Space Between Researcher, Object, Institution: Building Collaborative Knowledge with Primary Sources

Understanding, selecting, and integrating a theoretical framework in dissertation research: Creating the blueprint for your house


Organic And Inorganic Nanostructures (Artech House Mems and Sensors Library

KWSnet Home Improvement/Home Repair Index

Project portfolio management for academic libraries: A gentle introduction

Lessons from Visualizing the Functions of the Building Enclosure

From Q Build to U Build: Palm Island building project

Reading and writing the electronic book

Introduction to informetrics: Quantitative methods in library, documentation and information science

Fundamentals of statistics with fuzzy data

Water wise: native plants for intermountain landscapes

The truth will out-Mordecai Richler s Barney s Version

Cocksure Women and Hen-sure Man——A New Study of Sons and Lovers

The embrace: Narrative voice and children s books

The street art world

Jesus Christ as The Modern Hero in John Milton s Paradise Lost

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Behind the scenes of artistic creativity: Processes of learning, creating and organising

Israel s Starry-Eyed Foreign Policy

Pronunciation teaching practices in Canada

Pronunciation teaching practices in Canada

Algebraic theory of processes

Teaching English pronunciation to secondary school students with focus on TH consonants

Teaching English pronunciation to secondary school students with focus on TH consonants

Controlled motion in an elastic world

Representations of creative mathematical thinking in collaborative designs of c-book units

On College Mathematics Lacking of Coordination and Linking with That of Senior Middle School under the New Curriculum Criterions [J

Controlled motion in an elastic world

Controlled motion in an elastic world

Algebraic theory of processes

Young Children s Mathematics: A supporting document for the Making Things Count resource

Where mathematics comes from: How the embodied mind brings mathematics into being

Pronunciation matters

Pronunciation teaching practices in Canada

Book Raider: Connecting Patrons of Texas Tech University Libraries with Resources Anytime, Anywhere

Say It Again: Aaron Sorkin and Dialogue Repetition on The West Wing

Bell s orofacial pains: the clinical management of orofacial pain

Educational Series 1. Guide to Fossil Collecting in Minnesota

Avian visual attention in science and culture

A fertilizer-based green revolution for Africa

The family book

Michael Myers (Halloween

Planning for reconstruction after disaster of war: lessons from England in the 1940s


Validation of the NPI-Q, a brief clinical form of the Neuropsychiatric Inventory

The epidemic of mental illness: why

Personality psychology: Domains of knowledge about human nature

Bell s orofacial pains: the clinical management of orofacial pain

Lost Plantations of the South

A Brief Discussion on the Buddhist Literature and Art of the Tang Dynasty

Digital history: A guide to gathering, preserving, and presenting the past on the web

The third wave

Encyclopedia Chinua Achebe

Comic book guy in the classroom: the educational power and potential of graphic storytelling in library instruction

The return of organisation man: Commuter narratives and suburban critique

Eco-feminist Ideology in The Birthmark and Rappaccini s Daughter [J

Books for boys: Multicultural literature with strong male characters

Asian-American Literature and a Lacanian Reading of Maxine Hong Kingston s Tripmaster Monkey

Cell phones, complicity, and class politics in the Philippine labor diaspora

Hunger, Desire and Migratory Souls: Interethnic Relations in Three Short Stories by Satur P. Apoyon

Courageous women in media: Marcos and censorship in the Philippines

Does autobiography matter?: fictions of the self in Aleksandar Hemon s The Lazarus project

Conflicts and Contests: A History of the Filipino Novel in English

Pseudo-Name: Michael Derrick Hudson as Yi-Fen Chou

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The battle to define the future of the book in the digital world

Evaluation of the Italian Teaching in the Chinese Classroom Among the Young Adult Beginners

Cold hearths and barren slopes: the woodfuel crisis in the third world

The option value of advanced R D

Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation

Advanced modern macroeconomics: analysis and application

Market models: A guide to financial data analysis

Limit order book models and optimal trading strategies


Shit happens-Zur Uebertragung von Vulgarität in der Untertitelung Analyse am Beispiel des Films The Departed von Martin Scorsese

Nouveau dictionnaire des difficultés du français

From Un Couer Simple to A Simple Heart: An Adaptation of Gustave Flaubert‟ s French Story Un Coeur Simple into an English Screenplay

The geology of the Dalradian and associated rocks of Connemara, Western Ireland

The geology of the Dalradian and associated rocks of Connemara, Western Ireland

BOOK REVIEW| Essentials of Oceanography

Introduction to physical oceanography

Chemical oceanography

Estuaries: a physical introduction

Marine Spatial Planning: a step-by-step approach toward ecosystem-based management. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and Man and the Biosphere

Child care teachers attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge regarding science and the impact on early childhood learning opportunities

The flood control controversy: Big dams, little dams, and land management

Inscribing identity: Insights for teaching from ESL students journals

Lewis in Storyland

Innocence as a Super-power: Little Girls on the Hero s Journey

Introduction to the Special Issue: Reconciling Research: Perspectives on Research Involving Indigenous Peoples

Policies of Memory, Politics of Forgetting: A Comparative Study of Social Memory and Cultural Heritage in Brazil and the United States

Major problems in Mexican American history: documents and essays

Native American Scholarship and the Transnational Turn

Writings on Archives, Current Records, and Historical Manuscripts, June 1957-May 1958: Part 1

As Our Elders Taught Us to Speak it: Chinuk Wawa and the Process of Creating Authenticity

The Pueblo Region as a Linguistic Area: Diffusion Among the Indigenous Languages of the Southwest United States

The authoritarian personality

Co-management: the evolution of the theory and practice of joint administration of living resources

Tribal Tools Legal Levers for Halting Fossil Fuel Transport Exports Through the Pacific Northwest

Biology, culture, and environment: The struggle for hegemony in Arizona

Mexican Liberals and the Pueblo Indians, 1821-1829

The Caddo Nation Begins to Reassemble, 1840-1851

Hypothetical geography: constituting limits on a new American frontier


Concept of Ijmāʻ in Imāmī Shīʻī Uṣūl Al-Fiqh

Between Revolution and state: the Path to Fatimid statehood

The Discourse of Democracy in Shi i Islamic Jurisprudence: The Two Cases of Montazeri and Sistani

Library Book Talk: Interpreting Scriptures in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Overlapping Inquiries

The Theory of Maqāṣid al-Sharīʿa in Shīʿī Jurisprudence: Muḥammad Taqī al-Mudarrisī as a Model

the contribution of Ayatollah Ḥājj Āqā Ḥusayn Burūjirdī (1875-1961) to Shiʻi theology and to the development of the religious institution in 20th century Iran

Seeing the Proof: The Question of Contacting the Hidden Imam in Early Twelver Shīʿī Islam


Ali Shariati: ideologue of the Iranian revolution

Ali Shariati: ideologue of the Iranian revolution

The State of Islam: Culture Cold War Politics in Pakistan

Locomotion strategy selection for a hybrid mobile robot using time of flight depth sensor

Alternative legacies: Artist projects in history museums the importance of context

Cold hearths and barren slopes: the woodfuel crisis in the third world

estimating the healthiness of internet recipes: a cross-sectional study

Give my regards to Market Street: theaters as a representation of urban growth in Wilmington, Delaware, 1870-1930

Mobil Mainan Diecast Skala 1: 24 dalam Fotografi Still Life

Contemporary popular collecting in Britain: the socio-cultural construction of identity at the end of the second millennium AD

In my father s study

Amazon. com, Inc

A comparison of cultivation and wild collection of medicinal and aromatic plants under sustainability aspects

Amazon. com: Offering Everything from A to Z

Synthesis and antimicrobial screening of novel mannich bases of isatin derivative

The Content Of Elementary And Higher Education In 8th-9th Century Frankish Monasteries

A Wounded Presence: The Virgin of Vlaidimir Icon

The National Storytelling Festival: Words, Music, and Memories

Only the Suffering God Can help . divine passibility in modern theology

The nineteenth-century American short story: language, form, and ideology

vegan: Community Ecology Package. R package version 1.17-2

OAC Review Volume 24 Issue 3, December 1911

US car fleet shrank by four million in 2009-after a century of growth, US fleet entering era of decline

G-strings and sympathy: Strip club regulars and male desire

The descriptive art: a study of James Thomson s the seasons

Effects of identification with comic book heroes and villains of consumption on materialism among former comic book readers

US car fleet shrank by four million in 2009-after a century of growth, US fleet entering era of decline

Code-Switching in Modern Indian Cinema

Fábulas de la Pampa y la Selva

Fábulas de la Pampa y la Selva

International conference on cataloguing 1961

An analysis of wildlife in children s stories

The Use of Frame Story in Kashmira Sheth s Boys without Names

Developing children second language literacy through picture books

Tag: katha books

Reflections on Hindi and history

Representations of violence against women: a study of selected Indian fiction

To the Reader

The Rhetoric and Role of Hunter S. Thompson

To the Reader

The Gonzo lecture: Counterculture in the classroom

Profile of Hunter S. Thompson on Famous Like Me

Narration und Storytelling im medienethischen Diskurs

The summer atlas of North American birds

Signature murders: A report of several related cases

Making Gay and Lesbian into Household Words: How Serial Form Works in Armistead Maupin s Tales of the City

Existential angst: a reading of Saul Bellow s Seize the Day


Civil war and failed peace efforts in Sudan

Managing post-war Liberia: An update

What Hinders End Of Civil Wars In War Torn Countries Even After Civil War Settlements: A Comparative Study Of Sierra Leone And Liberia

Evolution of Deadly Conflict in Liberia: From Paternaltarianism to State Collapse

The early grade reading assessment: Applications and interventions to improve basic literacy

Telling demonic fairytales: an essay and sound piece on Walter Benjamin s radio works for children

Manipulative Rhetoric and Post-war Reconstruction in President Johnson-Sirleaf s First Inaugural Address

War and peace in Sierra Leone: Diamonds, corruption and the Lebanese connection

16.11. 13, Childs, Trade and Shipping in the Medieval West

Ravens: Lore and More

Representing the Shannon Scheme: electrical technology, modernisation and national identity in the Irish Free State, 1924-32

Aboriginal erasure or aboriginal historical exclusion? Using video interviews to recognize the role of aboriginal peoples on Kitchi-Gami (Lake Superior

The evaluation of non-specific immune status of heifers in field conditions during the periparturient period

and water storage reservoirs to enhance crop production and reduce delivery of agrichemicals and sediments to local waterways. Three WRSIS demonstration sites

Early Geologic Studies in the Lake Superior Region-the Contributions of HR Schoolcraft, JJ Bigsby, and HW Bayfield

Niagara River and Falls from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario: a series of one hundred and fifty-three original etchings (1886) Vol. 2

A Report on The Stearns County, Minnesota Biographical Sketches

Investigator s guide to allegations of ritual child abuse

Ricky Nelson

Fashion program finds a home

The Analysis of County Records

Vernacular in Curves: The Mythologizing of the Great Lakes Whaleback

Book Review of William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship//Reseña de William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship

Grassland plants of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains

Keep the Fire Burning: Biblical Principles for a Church to Spark Revival in the Northeast

Pussy Riot vs. Civil Obedience: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Two Texts

Unwarranted: A Novel in Stories

If no Divells, no God: Devils, D (a) emons and Humankind on the Mediaeval and Early Modern English Stage

The origins and development of English folk plays


A Table of Contents for the York Corpus Christi Play

Are Scientists Undercover Astrologers

The influence of liturgy on english medieval Shepherds plays and the castilian pastoral drama before Lope de Vega

Deadly sins in the Castle of perseverance and Mankind

Disability culture poetry: The sound of the bones. A literary essay

Found poems, member checking and crises of representation

A model of interpersonal Christian prayer

5 Things You Should Know About Contemplative Prayer Updated, Expanded Edition of Booklet 5 Things You Should Know About Contemplative Prayer

The Indispensability of Theological Meta-Ethical Foundations for Morality

Everyone Can Enjoy Reading—If Given the Right Book

Contemplating the End of the Beginning

The Dalai Lama s secret temple: tantric wall paintings from Tibet

Thinking Through Tragedy and Comedy: Some Provocations on Genre Matters


St. Teresa of Avila s Spirituality of Interior Prayer

Investment banking: Institutions, politics, and law

Investment banking: Institutions, politics, and law

Investment banking: Institutions, politics, and law

European Franchising-Law and Practice in the European Community

Investment banking: Institutions, politics, and law

Labour law and industrial relations in Canada

The internationalisation of FairShares model: where agency meets structure in US and UK company law

Corporate Finance

Australian insolvency law

Literature in the expanded field: intermediality at the crossroads of literary theory and comparative literature

Fighting forest fires in the western United States: an educational filmstrip and manual for teaching forest conservation

Long Island Medium

The Efficacy of Late Antique Spiritual Practices for Family-Based Adolescent Faith Formation

The Making of Rebecca and the Education of the Ideal Adult

System theory and practical applications of biomedical signals

System theory and practical applications of biomedical signals

Introduction to digital speech processing

Aircooled VW South Africa

A] British Social Institution : The Visitors Book and Hotel Culture in Victorian Britain and Ireland

Collective identity: Group membership and self-conception

Organic Farming

The revolution starts at home: Confronting intimate violence within activist communities

Tradition and perspectives of Arab herbal medicine: a review

Book review: SickKids Handbook of Pediatric Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Beetle Abominations and Birds on Bonnets: Zoological Fantasy in Late-Nineteenth-Century Dress

Constructive destruction: Examining the life cycle of texts through RE: BOOK

Hidden worlds-travel into inner space

Sustainable Development in Higher Education Incorporation, assessment and reporting of sustainable development in higher education institutions

Blériot XI

Gender, nature, empire: women naturalists in nineteenth century British travel literature

The battle to define the future of the book in the digital world

Engineering thermodynamics and 21st century energy problems: A textbook companion for student engagement

Interventions during the second stage of labour: an exploration of what may affect their use in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

When hatred is bred in the bone: the social psychology of terrorism

Dwellers Federation of Namibia s (SDFN) saving schemes in housing development: A case study of Havana and Okahandja Park informal settlements in Windhoek

Brake technology handbook

Selected Bibliography of Work on Canadian Ethnic Minority Writing

The UN children s rights convention: theory meets practice

International risk management: systems, internal control and corporate governance

Establishing the supremacy of European law: The making of an international rule of law in Europe

Teaching speaking: Activities to promote speaking in a second language

Connecting pattern and process in greater sage-grouse populations and sagebrush landscapes

She Can Do It: Messages of Female Empowerment in Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl s Matilda

Knowledge economics: emerging principles, practices and policies

Ogyu Sorai, On Distinguishing Names, Book 1, Li

The biolinguistics manifesto

European economic crisis and health inequities: research challenges in an uncertain scenario

Quop Maaman: Aboriginal Fathering Project: Workshop Activities

Botanical Notes on Alaska

Inheritance and loss? A brief survey of Google Books

Using International Standard Book Numbers as Uniform Resource Names

Using International Standard Book Numbers as Uniform Resource Names

Kangaroos: counting the cost. The economic effects of kangaroos and kangaroo culling on agricultural production

Kangaroos: counting the cost. The economic effects of kangaroos and kangaroo culling on agricultural production

Women s realm: a study of socialization, sexuality and reproduction among Australian Aborigines

Does Breastfeeding Help to Lose Baby Weight

The Fully Electronic Academic Library

Ten years later

Kangaroos: counting the cost. The economic effects of kangaroos and kangaroo culling on agricultural production

The anatomy coloring book

The interactive whiteboard in English lessons

Kangaroos: counting the cost. The economic effects of kangaroos and kangaroo culling on agricultural production

Faculty recital series: James Demler and Shiela Kibbe with Penelope Bitzas, October 23, 2006


Toward a knowledge footprInt framework: Initial baby steps

Bioinformatics Algorithms

Evolving strategies for the incorporation of bioinformatics within the undergraduate cell biology curriculum

of Book: Modern Genome Annotation: The Biosapiens Network

Examining mathematics practice through classroom artifacts

偶然與安排: Joel Sternfeld《 陌生過客》 系列的攝影敘事

Photography and cinema

Representations of Nature in Andean Textiles

Zen in Brazil: cannibalizing Orientalist flows

Polaroid 2.0. Photo-Objects and Analogue Instant Photography in the Digital Age

São Paulo: Perspectives on the city and cultural production

Building a Continent: The Idea of Latin American Architecture in the Early Postwar

Making Contact: The Photographer s Interface with the World

Reading Images by Walker Evans in the US Resettlement Administration-Farm-Security-Administration Archival File, 1935-1938

Kunst ohne Grenzen

Millennium Story

Mammals of Bolivia: taxonomy and distribution. Bulletin of the AMNH; no. 231

Low-phase-noise, single-frequency, single-mode 608 W thulium fiber amplifier

High-speed sequence photography of a ruby laser

Hidden History, Hidden Agenda

Film and enigmatization: Nostalgia, nonsense, and remembering

L émergence de l icône taoïste

R H Brand: Breeding of American Paternalism and the Inception of Flower Drum Song

Film and enigmatization: Nostalgia, nonsense, and remembering

Encyclopedia of modern China

Film and enigmatization: Nostalgia, nonsense, and remembering

Encyclopedia of modern China

Currents of tradition in Chinese medicine, 1626-2006

Film and enigmatization: Nostalgia, nonsense, and remembering

Encyclopedia of Jewish American Artists

BEHIND THE VEIL. The reform of Islam in Inter-war Albania or the serach for a modern and European Islam

The Public Records of South Carolina

A Moodle extension to book online labs

A Moodle extension to book online labs

Gathering time: dating the early Neolithic enclosures of southern Britain and Ireland

of London: special memoir for 1: 50000 geological sheets 256 (north London), 257 (Romford), 270 (south London), and 271 (Dartford)(England and Wales

Diagnostic imaging of the spine in chiropractic practice: recommendations for utilization

The schism in chiropractic through the eyes of a 1st year chiropractic student

The good guys win: Ronald Reagan, Tom Clancy, and the transformation of national security


Terror in the Name of God

The Jakhanke Muslim Clerics: a religious and historical study of Islam in Senegambia

The Malay Syarah (Commentary) of Al-Ghazzali s Works (1700-1900

Sufism and the Modern in Islam

Party discipline and parliamentary government

firme leader dans l essai de transformation de son écosystème d affaires en écosystème de l innovation: le cas du site de Marcoule et du démantèlement nucléaire

The European Court of Justice: the politics of judicial integration

Javanese-Christian Church Belief and Inter-religious Dialogue

Methodism and Culture

The changing nature of public administration: From easy answers to hard questions


Héroes y villanos del Nuevo Mundo en la Historia General y natural de las Indias de Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés

Strategic Identities and Subversive Narratives: On Being Maya in a Globalized World

El abuelo del bosque

El Niño Fidencio

Reflexionem amb en Frato. Una experiència de desenvolupament de competències transversals als estudis de Mestre d Educació Infantil

Perder el miedo a la poesía.¿ Hay que aprender o desaprender a leer poesía en el aula

Encyclopedia of community: From the village to the virtual world

American toxicity: Twenty years after the 1992 Los Angeles riots

African American literature: Books to stoke dreams

The fifth dragon: the emergence of the Pearl River Delta

Justice and human development

Wallpapering the novel: economics, aesthetics, and the realist home

Return of the deficit

Mr. Wolf, a Bad Guy?: Digital multi-language story book

Poverty and social exclusion in Europe

Leadership for social justice: Social justice pedagogies

The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology

Classroom management: Models, applications, and cases

Diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies in eucalypts

The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia: Rhodophyta. Part IIIA

The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia: Rhodophyta. Part IIIA

Biodiversity values of timber plantations and restoration plantings for rainforest fauna in tropical and subtropical Australia

Ecological aspects of Eucalyptus plantations

Lichens of rainforest in Tasmania and south-eastern Australia

華北蒙彊造林關係文獻蒐録 (一

A guide for site and soil description in hazardous waste site characterization

The war on terrorism and the end of human rights

The Oslo Accords: International Law and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreements

Prohibition of use of force and threats in international relations

Hybrid nature of extremism: Cohesive characteristics of ethno-nationalism and religious extremism as generators of Balkan insecurity

A review-application of physical vapor deposition (PVD) and related methods in the textile industry

Making the move to K-12 online teaching

Undoing Scotland after devolution in Liz Lochhead s dramatic adaptations of classical texts on page and stage

New Approaches in International Criminal Justice: Kosovo, East Timor, Sierra Leone and Cambodia

Internet of Things and libraries

Cultures of confinement: a history of the prison in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Disability, Non-disability and the Politics of Mourning: Re-conceiving the we

Creating intriguing synergies: An ITP perspective on integrating industry qualifications

Safeguarding Glasgow s stone built heritage skills and materials requirements: facade surveys and building stone analysis

New economy handbook

Making the move to K-12 online teaching

Siam and the League of Nations: modernization, sovereignty, and multilateral diplomacy, 1920-1940

Overview of emergency department visits in the United States, 2011: statistical brief# 174

Three-Dimensional Patterning Using Ultraviolet Curable Nanoimprint Lithography

Plurality of Scottish Theatre

The making of a frontier society: northeastern Wales between the Norman and Edwardian conquests

The origins, patronage and culture of association football in the west of Scotland, c. 1865-1902

Traditional Medicine Development for Medical and Dental Primary Health Care Delivery System in Africa

The Al Jazeera phenomenon: Critical perspectives on new Arab media

Political conflict and economic interdependence across the Taiwan Strait and beyond

Digitizing the prison: The light and dark future

The Culture and history of standards-based educational reform and social studies in America

Barack Obama and celebrity spectacle

The US Pivot to Asia , the China Spectre and the Australian-American Alliance 米による [アジアへの転換], 中国という不安, そして米豪同盟

Out-of-field teaching and the limits of teacher policy

Student voice in school reform: Reframing student-teacher relationships

Putting English language learners on the educational map: The no child left behind act implemented

The Obama Education Files: Is There Hope to Stop the Neoliberal Agenda in Education

Funding disparities and the inequitable distribution of teachers: Evaluating sources and solutions

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A Critique of Preterism

Short Notes on Our Ancestors who Could not Leave Legacy

Reflection for Sunday, November 26, 2017: 34th Week in Ordinary Time

Building Watson: An overview of the DeepQA project

Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of the Exile

A Rose by Another Name? Statistical Analyses for Communication Researchers

Cataloging theory in search of graph theory and other ivory towers

Leadership and organizational ethics: the three dimensional African perspectives

Optimization at container terminals: status, trends and perspectives

Handbook of manufacturing engineering and technology

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